Thursday, January 28, 2010

1. Meditation

Meditation Part 1 - Misconception of Meditation

Is it too late to transform the self? Can transformation happen any time?
Everyone goes into some level of depression, addictions and personal attitudes of joyously anxiety...etc.
Does Meditation help to cope with these conditions?
Do I have to leave my family, friends, job and my normal life to do this meditation?

True Freedom:

watch your thoughts ; they become words.
watch your words; they become actions.
watch your actions; they become habits.
watch your habitsl they become character.
watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

Here is something to start with ...

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Meditation Part II - Knowing myself

Self identity - is it ego ? What is that got to do with my ceaselessness ?
How is ego got to do with attachment and attachment got to do with fear and fear got to do with anger ?
How does meditation helps in fixing ego ?

Soul Consciousness - Point Of Stillness:

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  1. i really really liked every topic of bk shivani
    she is just too good,after listening to her my way of thinking has changed and i know for sure i will learn to mediate more . Thanks alot shivani

  2. Thanks Shivani ji for showing way to be a member of 'Vasudev Kutumbkam'

  3. i am very impressed and i wish if i can see you in my life. i tried to change my thoughts but i am to much depress i cann't control it for long time.but i am trying. thnkyou for showing me the right path when i needed to much. you are god for me

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  5. maam i m not able to accept this fact that our soul and body are different ......any videos related that plss mail me the link at
    thank you

  6. Om shanti to all of you, who are interested in their self improvement/development and above all GOD realization. Believe me its not impossible to realize god and not impossible to feel Happy/Peaceful always. The method is, (1)just go to your nearest BK center and join for a 7 day course (daily 1 hr) (2) Learn Rajyoga meditation from the sister who teaches you at BK and practice it at AMRIT VELA ie.,at 4am daily (3) Daily morning (preferably) at 7am go to the Murli Class (Murli is Paramatma's LETTER to us) (4) I request you to give 2-3 months before you decide. . miracle will happen . . I promise you will thank BK for sure. . . Om Shanti, Raghuram Singh

  7. sistr shivani u r too good!!i m ur grt fan......ds al hlps me a lt

  8. I have been listing sister Shivani Didi speech for long time. Its really very nice experience, which changed the way I was thinking and even the way I was living. So, its totally practical experience. BUT still I in search for me and to feel the god. :) hope will get soon

  9. Mam I want to ask you that if the average age of a
    Man is 60years then after 84 births it will b 5040years and you are saying the total period is of 5000 years
    Plz clear my this doubt
    My mailid is

  10. You are an awesome person and guide. It is just not me, but you have helped lot of people around me: )

  11. Respected sister Shivani, you are a real sister for me who has removed all the obstacles from my thought process and has shown me the right way to live a meaningful life.People like you are the real wealth of India.Thanks a ton.

  12. All meditation methods are not created, and they won't all work for you. Find out more at:

  13. sister shivani your are very good inspirational & Motivational Speaker thanks for your Quotes & Speeches

  14. Sister your words givee courage to fight the social evil. I shall visit at Om shanti retreat bhorakalan on 8 to 10 feb 2017 to attend women conference. Can I meet with you. Pl do reply on my mail. regards

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