Wednesday, January 27, 2010

3. Knowing God

Knowing God Part I

What is God's place in my life ?
How is he related to me ?
Even after such a deep love towards God after doing so much sacrifices for God why were we not able to experience His power and Love ?
What is going on ....

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Why Do we search for GOD ?
How can GOD allow haulocast and inhumanity to happen ?
How can we know GOD ?
What has scinece got to say regarding GOD ?
Who is GOD ?

Knowing God Part II - Misconceptions about God.

Why are there so many believes about God. if everyone is introduction of same God ?
What is the correct introduction of God ?

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Knowing God Part III - Name, Form and Task of God

How does God look ? Is He male or female ?
Whatz His Name, Form and Task of God ?
Is Jesus or Mohammed prophet or Moses or Bhuddah or Guru Nanak or Ram Sita Krishna God? Or is it Ghandhi or someother God ? Who is real God ?
How am I related to God ?

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Knowing God Part IV - God's Home

Where is God ?
Where does He live ?
What is He doing there when there are somany sorrow on earth ?
When does He come to fix this injustice on earth ?

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  1. If God loves all soul irrespective of their deeds, then surely he is more evil than anyone else on this Universe.
    People commits heinous crime and they go scot-free. Their families live horrible life cursing their fate. God surely cannot love each and every soul. I am sure he has his own mechanism of teaching foul souls.

    1. Its right that "he has his own mechanism of teaching foul souls". And the mechanism is "Love" :)

  2. Om Shanthi Sister Shivani.
    I am at Waltham, Boston.I attended the foundation course with my daughter at Watertown.Right now we are doing our Intermediate.It is so good.We started practicing to see the other person also a beautiful and peaceful soul.But after I watched all the four episodes of your Knowing God,I got so much clarity of the Supreme soul i.e.our Parathma who is Shiv Baba.Waiting to meet him eagerly......-Sasi Sundaresan

  3. well said Mrs. Sasi, we will all wait our turns to meet the creator :)

    Om shanti

  4. a request to sister shivani------ gupta in his earlirer past births ( janams ) would have done some mistakes or sins that may be due to bad budhies (bad wisedom )( बुदधि ) or bad fate . which made sinner and sinner, and was not able to come out of bad thoughts and bad budhies . due to that others are also got affected and became victims and getting punished ---if at those time itself mistakes would have rectified and proper steps would have taken for betterment sothat mistakes should not be repeated .there would have been no bad happenings.request you to come forward for impartial justice.

  5. In part 4 of god's home, sister says at one point that after brief stay at " HOME" (where parmatama lives), one has to return to earth which is work place and soul has to continue this cycle , uninterupted. does this means there is no liberation? no "moxaa". can any one shed some light into this?

  6. om shaniti .....i love you and your all the thought u r so great .....i really really impressed and i m ur thankful for ur service for all humanbeing ....god shiva bless u more knowlegde ....

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