Tuesday, January 26, 2010

5. Law of karma

Law of karma - Part I

We been hear this Law of Karma ....
As you sow , so shall you reap ... jhasi karni vasi bharni ...
Even after knowing this Law of Karma, why are we not able to use this Law to better our lifes ?

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Personal Experiences of "Near Death Experiences":

Law of karma - Part II

Accepted that I messed up in my previous lives and there is burden of Karmic accounts which is coming back to me in this life ...
Do I have to just put up with whats happening to me in the name of Karma ?
or is there something I can do about it ?

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Law of karma - Part III

I am responsible for Whatever is happening in my life ..
What is that I can do now to free myself or transform my life ?
Hear from Sr Shivani what she got to say on this....

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Law of karma Meditation Commentary - Part IV

Short commentary on how to meditate ..
Free the self from the burden .. Shackles of past and Liberate yourself ...
Fly offff..

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  1. Many Thanks Sister Jignasi for your time and reply.I think it does make sense.Also don't you think very long time physical pain ,can be suffering?

  2. Hi,
    My name is Mithilesh and have seen almost all the videos and program, I can find of urs. These are really something different and I must say I have enjoyed them all.
    After going through this video of urs, which is really good, I have some quesitons. Could you please answer those:
    1) You said in as the Cycle of time starts, total no souls are very less and as the time passes more souls keep coming and takes the body. Same continues in Treta Yuga? SO there will be some souls coming to world drama only in Treta Yuga and continuing from there on. Going by this logic some soul will come only in Dwapar Yuga and may be some in Kaliyuga. If this is the case, then who decides when the solul will enter the World Drama? And Why some souls continue from Satyuga and some only from Treta or Dwapar or Kaliyuga?
    2) IF the time is cyclic and world drama is happening over and over again don't you this it is really repetitve and boring? Some souls who are really doing some good works for example yourself, there should be some other end results for these souls?


  3. Life is a Journey.
    As we want to perform our journey to a beautiful place it is sure that we reach there.
    So if we would like to perform our journey to drama for all mankind we shall get there indeed.
    Taye Gojen

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  5. Dear Sister Shibani
    I watched your videos on Karmic account and i have lots of questions arsing in my mind.
    I am suffering from OCD obsessive thoughts and i cant do any work because of these thoughts. My problem is i cant adjust with my inlaws. They are not physically torturing me or that bad but some point of time they have told certain bad things about my parents and also they try to dominate me, they are very proud and now the situation is i want to stay away from them. I wish them well i dont mean them harm but to protect myself want to stay away. If they need support any health issues i can stay too. Is this bad i have been thinking that i am not able to adjust with them not able to forget certain things...one side i cant adjust other side i am afraid of karma.. I am thinking if an alternate arrangement like a separate home i can do for them not sure if that will be good. Right now i want my husband to take care of them but i dont talk to them due to fear of getting hurt. What is good should i still try to talk to my inlaws even when i am not mentally prepared or i can live separately and let my husban only interact

  6. I some time do catch Sister's program on Asstha channel. Really great watching those.

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  7. Good evening sister I want to know that if someone is doing bad karma with me but in reply I created good karma so that pain is not created by me. Her is I created my good Karmic account but I want know what will be the Karmic account of someone because someone created bad Karmic account but I not created pain then it's bad account will be bad because here pain is not created