Monday, January 25, 2010

8. Healthy Life Style

Healthy Life Style part I

Mysteries about Braham Kumaris believes ..
Why wear white dress is it mandatory for this practice?
What about our religious practices do we have to stop going to temples/mosques/churches?
Does BK changes wife and husband into Brother ans Sister ?
why celebacy ? and more ...

Please leave your comments and feel free to ask any questions you have regarding this session.

Healthy Life Style part II

What is the deal with Vegitarian food ? Why does its impact my wellbeing?

Please leave your comments and feel free to ask any questions you have regarding this session.


  1. I want to join Brahmakumaris Raja yoga a medition course. how can i do? Is it difficult or easy?

  2. Dear Makamkoshy,
    Brahma Kumaris is Raja yoga is the easy Meditation practice. Please visit to find a center near you or visit if you live outside of India. Good Luck in ur spiritual journey!!

  3. I really want to know that Does BK changes wife and husband into Brother and Sister ?
    why celebacy is important

  4. @PRARP
    Conversely,Is absence of sexual intercourse the only defining characteristic of a Brother-Sister relationship? After listening to BK Shivani,my take is that BK never advised celebacy as such to all and sundry.It is about transcending the "neediness" part of sexual intercourse.It is about rising above your addictions to acts,objects,roles&harmful artificial mental conceptions,samskaras(accumulated in this life and cumulatively from previous ones) etc
    What you fight,you strengthen,what you resist,persist.So in case of urges and desires it is impossible to fight head-to-head like Ram fighting Bali(because who ever fight Bali face to face will have their powers absorbed by Bali)
    So Rama had to do use unorthodox method of a firing a sniper-arrow hiding behind foliage to kill Bali.Masturbation/Intercourse expends spiritual energy which ideally could be redirected for path to enlightenment.It automatically doesnt mean you shun carnal pleasure.You have to rise above the "need" for it.Then you will be free to make a choice to engage in intercourse/sexual acts or not.Rather than succumbing to pulls of desire,you will be your own master.Avoiding non-vegan,rajasic-tamasic food&fasting plus mastery of pranayama will take away libido if you chose to do so.

    There are million paths to enlightenment,you can follow any of them,you are not forced to join or subscribe to path BK says.For example,Osho de-emphasizes celibacy part.So you can change track.I presume your question is rhetorical ridicule rather than bonafide.Its a blog for god sake,why pollute it with such uncouth comments? I mean really?