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Thursday, January 28, 2010

2. Knowing Myself

Knowing Myself Part I - the Soul

I understand that I am not the role or relationships or not even the body.
Then what thing am I ? How it interacts with this body and physical matter ?

Please leave your comments , churning and unanswered questions from this topic.

What is True Freedom ?

Knowing Myself Part II - Experiencing the Self

It logically makes sense that I am a soul, life energy
Why is it hard to feel the presence of the self ?
Watch this video clipping what experiment Sr Shivani got to share ...

Please leave your comments , churning and unanswered questions from this topic.

Knowing Myself Part III - Soul Consciousness

Is soul a spirit a ghost ? Am I a ghost ? Is it in my body all the while ?
How do you explain "Out of body experience" that is referred in many journals and studies ?
How do you explain different theories of human existence .. Darwin theory of evolution.. Etc ?
What is Soul consciousness ? How does it work ?

Please leave your comments , churning and unanswered questions from this topic.


  1. this was also very good topic , but i just had a question if she can answer , in our daily life how do we really mediate. For me i have some crazy distractions always . all of a sudden my head starts itching, or my ear starts itching something or the other keeps going .what can i do on that , then it stops me doing what i am doing . can you please help me on that

  2. Dear Sudha,

    Brahma Kumaris Meditation as you know is an open eyed Meditation. why open eyed ? so that we can be in meditative peaceful state amongts these crazy distractions.
    Then you might ask how can i be peaceful in these crazy distractions ??
    With this knowledge our awareness is shifted. meaning the way we relate to the distraction(situation) is different. for example itchy head or noisy amnience ... thats where we shift our awareness ... I am not this body which has itchy head .. instead I am the soul separate from body and observe whats happening to the body.. Believe me it works... One very proven study in psychology is we the souls trigger the chemical changes in the physical body. once we separate ourselfs body has all the medicine it needs to fix its requirments...
    Hope this answers..

  3. thank you so much of answering my question , had a question how do i go around getting sister shivani's dvd's .

    1. Sister Sudha,
      You can freely download sister Shivani's Lectures from the link below.

  4. another thing i wanted to share or ask is , my husband is very egoist and dominating , if things don't go according to him he get very mad
    what should i do when things like this comes up
    he is always stressed , i know i have to be calm
    and just ignore , but he really tries at times to take my patience . please suggest me something on that

  5. om shanti...i followed awakning prob. n had joined brahmakumaris since almst 2 life has changed after that...i became more positive,light,n loving towards other...

    on jan 9,2010...i had a chance 2 meet bk shivani face 2 face...that day i attend her 2 seminars in kolkata...she is such a divine personality..!N she is 1 of my shanti

  6. Dear Sudha,

    As you right pointed out Angry is triggered by stress. If you ignore that irritates the person more. It might be interpretted as disrespect. The best way to deal with this is spread vibes of peace in the house thru meditation. It works like like showering water on fire.

    Spread the Peace !! You are Peaceful Soul !!

  7. om shanti, sister shivani i have been watching your programme in astha channel for one year.i want to more on self hve changed my life. you hav egiven new dimention to my life. now i feel more relaxed than before. thank you, om shanti

  8. om shanti,i have a major problem.i live in barrackpore dist:24 pgs(n).this place is so far from kolkata main this city there is no brahmakumaris i am not able to know about meditation and other things elaborately. i have to depend only on the pogramme on astha channel.i want some books. please help me out. om shanti.

    1. om shanti... as science and technology has improved and advanced these days.. you can go through murlis through internet... like in many blogspots,facebook and many social sites murlis are given,.. u can take the help from them..and practise meditation daily...and stay connected with baba. this will surely help you out and books and dvds are available plenty.. u can atleast visit once to the head center an take the information.. om shanti

  9. I want to ask sister shivani a few questions

    people tell me

    1)brahmakumari says krishan is not also say that ...every one was manav avatar one was paramatma
    i accept
    jesus said i am son of god ...accepted

    But in geeta bhagwat ...we read that ...krishna says that i am poorna god.......then How CAN i deny that he was god.

    2) you said Bhagwan ram worshipped shiv , I accepted but you will find in krishna story that shivji worshipped krishna.. he came to vrindavan to worship krishna on krishna's birth

    and in shiv purana that shivji says who so ever tries to compare me and vishnu is wrong
    we both worship each other

    3)you say 33 crore devi devta ...accepted they are devta punyaatma only

    but what about brahma vishnu mahesh
    they are not manav ..................

    please reply to my doubts they make it difficult to believe your story ..............................
    i really hope you must have answers to my doubts ...without discarding my beliefs ...i feel i could accept rajyoga meditaion ........

  10. Om Shanthi!
    1)The supreme soul shiv is father of dharam pitha's also.Those Dharampithas in this confluence age get knowledge from Parampithaparamathma.Not only jesus everyone are children of supremesoul.
    BAGWATH geetha was said by parampithaparamathma not krishna.But in shastras they say krishna,we say shivparamathma,krishnaparamathma only.Not ramaparamathma,brahmaparamathma...Paramathma is added to shiv and krishna only.Krishna also 2 types:1)satyug krishna(brahmababa) 2)sangamyug krishna who has 16000 gopigopikas,he fights with kalanaag(5 vices) and also with kans.

    2)Actually in shastras they combined shiv and shankar.We say shiv ling not shankar ling.Shankar will always sit in nirakarstage.In brindavan,shiv came to enter in sangamyug krishna to do the part of father.krishna's birth meansn it is his starting stage in gyan.Brahma means brah=big+ma=mother;bigmother.If mother is there in sakaar then father also will be there.WE should now enter into DWARAKA,dwa=two+raka=doors.1st door is of brahmababa and second door is of father's(shivshankarbolenath).
    Shiv and vishnu are not same.In shastras we say Brahma so vishnu means brahma is only vishnu.Shiv and shankar have same body but different souls.It is not shiv purana it is shankar purana.Shiv is a soul who will not take any birth to have history.

    3)THERE ARE 33 CRORE DEVATHAS.But only 900000 only will take birth in satyuga.In those 9 lakhs,4 1/2 lakhs will have their present body only.50000 belong to suryavamshi.BRAHMA,VISHNU,SHANKAR.
    vishnu=vishay vikar ko dhoor karne vala.
    shankar=sha=shiv+ka=satyug krishna+ra=ram's soul.Shankar(father) part is mixed part of three in one body.Shankar part is in sangamyug only as shiv will not come to earth from satyug to kalyug.Brahma,vishnu,shankar(ram's soul) are manav,they take 84 births and become pathith.Shiv comes and makes everyone pavan and takes to our home(paramdham).Again satyug starts and cycle moves....There is lot of gyan along with meditation.The 1000's of questions arises in our we should get answers for all as this is the time to meet him and ask,again after 5000 years only shiv will come again.

  11. Dear shivani,
    Om shanti, it is really good to read ur profile and ur doing wonderful work . keep it up.

    U r really wonderful and iam a fan of urs.i am constantly listening to ur documentaries and even narrating it to my children. is it ok. i am trying to implement ur strategies. but iam a bit tensed on my elder daughters academics and behaviour. she is not interested in studies and at age of 13 years acts childish, she has become immune to scoldings and ti get regular complain on her attitude problem . please guide. can i bring her to u so that u can guide her. we r residing in vasant kunj.iam really tensed. i also get upset from outside stimulus . how do i control myself.please guide.

    Om shanti

  12. Dear Sister shivani,

    om shanti,i need a help from u...

    one of my frnd is a big fan of u..
    she always says that u are her eye-opener, and u changed her very much and she is very thankful to u. she keeps on watching ur documentaries in TV and over internet..
    she wants to meet you and talk with u personally...

    please do me this favour...

    i will be very thankful if u help me in this regard...

    om shanti

  13. dear sister shivani,
    OM Shanti since a last few months i'm viewing Astha Chanel & its an eye opener for my life when i can see its taking a turn at my age of 50..! your suggestions are extremely helpful to us in so many ways. thank you so much. can i please get the timings if there is a re telecast at some other time than in the evening so that i can review it twice daily ! om shanti.

  14. i just love her
    bk shivani
    you are really great.

  15. BK SHIVANIJI,I WANT TO MEET YOU Myself Rupali, mai hamesha apake cds dvara gyan grahan karake wo dharan karaneka prayas karati hu.Par ek prashna man me hamesha ata hai ki kya ye dramm hobahoo repeat hota hai? yani agar mai aaj sangamyug ke is mod par rupalike part se apako ye prashna puchati hu kya agale kalpme bhi mai yahi karungi ya mera role thoda acha bhi ho sakata hai kyoki main bk ka gyan dharan kar rahi hu? agar ye drama kalyankari hai to atma ka promotion hona hi chahiye. bohotse log aisa sochate hai ke agar ye repeat hona hai to purusharth ka kya arth raha? ha ye jarur samajh me ata hai ki biti bat ko drama par chod do. par future kya promotion hai? isaka answer please vistar se dena kyoki ye mereliye bahut mayane rakhata hai.

  16. meditation is the key to unfold of one self

  17. what ever is happening inside me and in my environment,for this I myself is responsible.what i learn from sister shibani's speech regarding soul awakening.

  18. app kahte h ki atma her jiv ki hoti h. kya kitanu,jivanu chote jivo kli bhi hoti h. please give me my answer.OM SAI RAM

  19. Hi

    I am pursuing MBA and have been consistent performer throughout my academics.

    However,in BSchool ,I have bitter experiences which have left me depressed and with no confidence.I get nervous while giving presentations,people here make fun of my voice as it is bit pithy.As a result,my confidence level has dropped significantly.I am a bit impatient and not so social.I I feel alone and hence fearful.
    Inferioirity complex has creeped in and I feel as if people don't like me.

    What should I do?

  20. sister .i understand and experienced what u said in every series,i m very happy ,calm,peacefull being.9i m going to do my enginearing this year. as i know i have everything to be happy or any other so now i m fully satisfied with my self so i decided to be a brahmchari/sanyasi for life time with my responciblity for my parents/socity/country/mother earth. is there any wrong thing for me or my parents dont wants to accept my this now what should i do....plz plz guide me ..sister shivani{maa} . my e-mail add is

  21. knowing myself Part II and partIII videos are not working. I really want to learn these critical concepts. Could not find on you tube as well. Could you plesae help. Thank you-Manisha

  22. jesus in not the son of ALLAH. he was the Prophet of ALLAH> please say right statement. because people are listening.

  23. well shivani i like your thoughts your words and invite you for read Quran translation please. please read and spread the message of ALLAH AJ WAJAL. i know you're a peaceful personality and i'm to. please made any negetive review about me and anyone. please first read and then share. without having right knowledge we all have no rights to talk about the whole sitaution. thank you miss. i always follow your useful instructions for my nice living life. and always share about you with me family and friends. always trying to follow you on tv and net. i hope you can't mind my any status of word. actually we all are need to make every step of our life with peace. thank you

  24. Dear Sister Shivani,
    I took up Rajyoga meditation course recently and found that it is making a huge change in my personality for better. I am being a happpy person now. However, there are some questions lingering in my mind. I listened to one of the Murlis about confluence age where they say that Parmatma wants us to strive to be Lakshmi Narayans, otherwise, it will be an insult to HIM even after having this knowledge of the Supreme Soul. I was also told that it would be an insult to Brahmakumaris if after knowing what we are, we continue not to develop/bring out our true virtues. I understand that Parmatma is only full of divine virtues, so where does the point of Insulting Him comes into picture. I believe that if everyone tries to understand and look for our true nature (being a soul), then there need not be a threat saying that you can become Lakshmi Narayana and enjoy being in Satyug only if you strive to do this. I do not want to be a Lakshmi Narayana, I only want to be a happy soul. I do not want to take this pressure to become one, I want to do it happily with my free-will. What does the point told in Murli mean? Thanks

  25. Dear sisiter Shivani,
    I am your big fan and personaly admire you for your deep rooted qualities. I was watching your program and learned that we(humans)try to find GOD in physical form who are actually divine souls and have similar qualites of GOD. You even added that for permanent healing of soul we need to connect ourselves with GOD. but can you please tell me how we can connect ourselves to god? Is it through mediation or through chanting GOd's name? Its my humble request that please discuss this topic in one of your episodes. But do it after 1st APRIL because I have my board exams right now. Thank you.

  26. om shanti sister shivani,
    i don't have control over my thoughts.i get really bad thoughts knowking the consequences i stop them..but i want to get rid of them.i had joined art of living but i think this is more practical n logical because u tell those things which a human can think..muje bhaut instantly chize chaye hoti hai..tht's again a bad habbit that i have.